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4 Reasons Why Travel Advisors are Essential Today

There have been a few significant events in history that have impacted the travel industry.

Things like 9/11, the invention of the internet, and the Coronavirus pandemic have caused travel agencies to make changes to stay relevant and serve their clients well. What are those changes, and how do they affect you? Let’s look at a few essential items so you can see why using an advisor is more relevant than ever.

1) Travel Insurance Is Vital. It’s No Longer Just a Suggestion

Pre-pandemic, it was common to chance traveling without travel insurance. But now, with all the changes and requirements of travel, it’s more important than ever. To accommodate, agencies and advisors have taken the necessary steps to learn great products to make recommendations based on your needs. This also goes for testing, documentation, and ever-changing requirements. When you work with an advisor, they will be able to recommend the best travel insurance for you and monitor any destination and testing requirements. Hence, you are prepared and ready to travel without the added hassle or risk.

2) Planning Travel Is Complicated!

There are so many moving parts to travel though that hasn’t always been the case! Booking a vacation used to be far less complicated than it is now. Thanks to technology and ongoing learning, many advisors are adopting a new way of caring for their clients. New school methods are client-centric and are about crafting a trip for you rather than just picking a pre-made trip package. Technology has also allowed advisors to have better, more accurate information than what is “Google-able” by you as a consumer.

3) Booking with A Travel Agent Is Not Transactional. It’s Relational

No one likes to be ghosted, especially when you’re shelling out your hard-earned money. So nowadays, advisors establish a working, ongoing relationship with clients. That’s why many in the industry are no longer just called “agents” (someone who creates bookings) but now go by something more practical like “advisor” or “consultant” (implying a deeper level of service). They are there to take care of you.

4) Advisors Have Access to Systems That the General Public Does Not

Travel advisors have a world of systems and tools at their disposal, far beyond what you can see as a consumer. Moreover, these systems and tools give advisors access to virtually anything. As a result, the trips advisors can create for you are so much more than you could create for yourself. Additionally, advisors make a point to build great relationships with vendors and other advisors and continually learn, train, and network to bring you an even more fantastic experience.

With so many changes overall in the travel industry, it is best to rely on experts for your travel planning. Most people hire an accountant to do their taxes or a mechanic to fix their vehicle simply because there are too many unknowns and risks that come from doing it on their own. Apply this same concept to travel and leave the planning to a true expert in the industry. We challenge you to put us to the test! Schedule a complimentary vacation consultation to see what we can do for you.

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