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Surprise your family with your next vacation!

My love language is giving. I love to give people presents, and when I had kids, well my husband can tell you I went a bit crazy. Throw in that Elf on a Shelf, and our house is madness during the Holiday Season.

When I went back to work after having children, I traveled for my job - like a lot. And it was the first time I embraced traveling. We talked a lot about taking the kids somewhere, and we finally got the means to do so in 2017. It was a glorious surprise that we kept for over 6 months! A lot of covert planning and behind-the-scenes work went into that trip. Notifying the kids' schools and telling them not to tell the kids, planning for accommodations for our dog, not to mention all the work that goes into going to Disney for your first time as a family.

When I tell you it paid off, well, you can watch for yourself below. ☺️

Planning for a surprise announcement about your next vacation doesn't have to be elaborate. It can be something as simple as a couple of shirts you wake your family up to. Or it can be a big box that you have wrapped and put some balloons you got from the dollar store in. I just recently saw the cutest video where a child thought she was going to school, but her mom took her to the airport instead.

When you begin the plan for the surprise, what about the location can you incorporate? Taking a romantic getaway to the Caribbean? Make some mixed drinks with little umbrellas in them after work one day. Going to Legoland? Spell out we're going to Legoland in legos. One thing I love doing with clients is helping them brainstorm how they are going to surprise their families.

Now's a great time to plan that Spring Break vacation, and surprise your family and friends with it during the Holidays. Let me know where you want to go next!

Safe travels,


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